I have some questions about Northern Ireland thank you! 1)Is there any other hostel to recommend in addition to HOSTEL Belfast INTERNATIONAL? 2) Is the tour to the Giant’s Causeway booked at the youth hostel or Info? Can I book it before going there? How to contact? 3)Some people went there by sightseeing bus. Is there any more information? In addition, if we arrive at the airport at 9:30, is it possible to go to the Giant’s Causeway on that day? 4)Is there any hotel available accommodation on the Giant’s Causeway? 5)If I stay in Belfast for two days, do I only wander around the city and go to the Giant’s Causeway?

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  1. 1} Paddy’s Palace
    2} 028 903 153 33 (mini-coach)
    3) It is possible. You can take the mini-coach giant’s causeway express, which starts at 11am and returns at 4pm.
    4) You can try the causeway hotel
    5) I spent one and a half days visiting all the attractions in the city center and going to the Giant’s Causeway, the RopeBridge and bushmill

  2. In fact, two days in Northern Ireland is enough.

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