we have booked a flight from ryanair to Frankfurt Hahn airport at 6:15 a.m. on Sunday, 6th April. We don’t know what kind of transportation we need to take so early. According to the explanation on the website of Madrid airport, the subway starts operation after 6 o ‘clock, which is too late compared with the check-in more than an hour earlier. Who can teach me? Even booking a hotel near the airport… Thank you very much!

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  1. By the way, my plane leaves at 6:00 a.m. on April 7th

  2. By the way, I was at 8 a.m. on 4.2… 8 -)

  3. The information provided I’m not in Madrid, not necessarily accurate, just checked the web, from downtown Madrid to which the airport about the following way:

    : subway line 8 Nuevos Ministerios site, arrived at the airport T2
    fare for 1.15 euros, the metro bus ticket
    5.8 euro 10 times operating time is 6 in the morning to at 2

    the bus: EMT line 200, downtown Avenida DE America, arrival airport field T1, T2 y T3 one-way ticket 1 euro, Metro bus tickets 10 times 5.8 euros operation time is Avenida DE America – airport 5 am to 23 am airport -Avenida DE America 5 am to 23 am taxi: From the city to the airport is about 20 euros, to the airport and from the airport out of the taxi to the airport on the basis of the fare plus 4.2 euros surcharge if you stay in the hotel next to the airport, the hotel generally provide free shuttle bus, and the front desk to book it.

  4. Looks like I can only take the last bus from the day before

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