Will the insurance offered by foreign car rental companies change according to different models? How much does the Toyota rav4 cost? is the Preferential SupEasy Rent Carover from Easy Rent Car the same as that of foreign countries?

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  1. hello, the rental price of Toyota RAV4 will change due to the time, rental area, car supplier and rental period. It is suggested that you directly search on the home page according to your needs to see the real-time quotation, which will be cheaper. Fullcover is the car supplier’s insurance; Preferential supEasy Rent Carover is the car supplier’s Basic Insurance + Fullcover, and the price is more favorable. Insurance is not affected by vehicle type: American car rental: the Preferential supEasy Rent Carover includes one million dollars third-party insurance compared to Fullcover, and it also covers roof, glass, tires, chassis and road rescue. I suggest you buy the preferential supEasy Rent Carover.

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